About EPPO

EPPOSUN (SHENZHEN) Co., Ltd is an ISO9001, ISO16949, ISO14001 certified tooling & molding Manufacturer located in Shenzhen and Dongguan, EPPO Industries Limited registered in 2014 who devote to be the most Efficient, Professional, Productive and Outstanding engineering & manufacturing solution provider to the worldwide customers, EPPO consistently dedicated to provide customers with various service like Tooling Design, DFM, Tool Making, Rapid Prototyping, 2K Injection Mold and Parts Molding etc.

The factory was set up by a mold master who has over 24 years rich experience in molding field, working tight with 150 staffs offer a broad range of products to meet customers’ demands, such as auto parts, smart home appliances, medical equipment, consumer electronics, sporting goods, packaging, painting, assembling and logistics. 

Our engineer team with 15 engineers who keeping improve their capability of design, quote, communication and project operation to help worldwide customers source their products overseas and improve quality, control time lines and shorten product development cycles. 

EPPO is not only making individual part, but also developed many complex projects in the past years and delivered to the worldwide, we have partnered with Industrial Design Studio, ISO13485 & ISO16949 Certified factories whom skilled at Silicone Molding (15 silicone compression equipment), Stamping, HPDC Molding, CNC Machining, Assembling, Packaging and Logistic Company to help customer get everything in ONE-Contact. 

Equipment information:

Makino High-speed machine   F3-650*500/2000 rotate speed 1set

Fanuc High-speed machine  Robcdrill/2400 rotate speed 1set

Hartford machining centre  860*600/12000, 800 *600/15000, 800*1000/8000 rotate speed 6sets

Jingzhun Engraving and milling machine 600*500/24000 rotate speed 2sets

Sodic machine  AQ360LS  2sets

Sodic EDM AM30LS 3sets

Jinzhun EDM ZNC-400+E50A 11sets

Jiande Grinding machine KGS-250 4sets, KGS-200 4sets, 3060 1set

Radial Drilling machine Z30/32(1/10) 1set

Lathe G623IA 1set

Die Spotting machine LS-120 1set, WS-70 1set

Vertical injection machine 50T 2sets

TOYO injection machine Si-130VCS D150C 3sets

Haitian Double injection machine IA160T 8sets, IA250T 2sets, IA360T 2sets

Fuqiangxin Double injection machine 260T 1set

Congwei Double injection machine 250T 2sets, 380T 1set

Haitian injection machine MA120T 1set, MA160T 4sets, MA200T 2sets, MA250T 1set, MA300T 1set,  MA360T 1set, MA650T 1set. 

Easson 2D measuring instrument EV-4030 2 sets

AEH 3D CMM Daisy 564 1set

Easson projector EP-1/300mm 1set

SiRui Height Finder Pioeer600III 1set

Rockwell hardness test HR-150A 1set