Protoyping, Tooling, Molding, 2K Injection Molding

Product Manufacturing
Engineering & Prototyping
EPPO works with professional industrial designers and engineers to help customers realize their ideas, including ID, MD, DFM. To make parts by 3D printing, urethane (vacuum) casting, CNC machining which avoid potential mechanical design risk, control cost efficiently and manage your budget at preliminary stage. 
EPPO committed to 2K injection molding, silicone rubber molding, die casting and metal stamping high quality products, worldwide delivery of products with manufacturing in Shenzhen and Dongguan China, no matter 500pcs or 50,000pcs, all orders will be made and on-time delivered. 
Valued Added Service
Tool Making
EPPO provides one-stop turnkey service with multiple resources and options (Silk printing, Pad printing, Laser engraving, Ultrasonic Welding, Painting, Rubber Coating, Battery Aging Test, Components Assembly, Packaging, Shipping) to worldwide customers, help reduce cost and lead time. 
Excellent molds making good products. Since 2004 to now, EPPO insists to use LKM moldbase instead of other brands and can make the HASCO & DME standards whatever  customer required. We will also use projector and CMM to keep the right dimensions, the part dimensions deviation can reach +/-0.02 mm.
EPPO is your single connection for high quality products development from prototype to production.