High Pressure Die Casting Molding.

Besides plastics, silicone products molding, Eppo also provide high quality service in Zinc & Aluminum die casting dies, trim dies and their finished products for customers. We have 6 sets of LK die casting equipment ranging from 125T to 800T, 1 oil heater (double systems), 1 fitting machine, in the meantime, our contract manufacturer has die caster up to 3200T .

All employees are well trained for ISO9001. All serious customers must want a professional die casting foundry providing one stop service for aluminum and zinc castings. Work with Eppo, customers can complete and realize casting design with assistance of casting engineers from mold making, die casting to precision machining and post treatments. Our partner specialized in die casting die making, die casting for exporting, our customers are mainly from the USA, CANADA, THE UK, GERMANY, SWEDEN, PORTUGAL, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND, BRAZIL, ETC. 

Send your inquiry with below information, a competitive offer will be received in short time:

2D part print, 3D part model or physical samples.

Raw material of products and mold, tooling life.

Cavity of mold, tooling specification and any special requirements if there is.

Platen drawing of die casting machine.

Qty of products

Surface treatment